NightGuardLab Website Review & Ratings + NightGuardLab Coupons
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NightGuardLab Website Review & Ratings + NightGuardLab Coupons

NightGuardLab: Products & Services

NightGuardLab makes and sells custom made teeth guards to prevent teeth clenching and teeth grinding during the night. Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism and can cause other health problems such as worn teeth, headaches, jaw pain, broken teeth and ear aches. NightGuardLab will send customers a kit so that they can make an impression of their teeth and send it back to NightGuardLab. NightGuardLab will then make the custom fit teeth guard and mail it back to the customer. NightGuardLab makes the following types of teeth guard products:

  • Hard acrylic night guard for heavy to moderate grinding habits
  • Dual laminate night guard for moderate to light grinding habits
  • Soft night guard for light to moderate grinding habits

NightGuardLab: Company Background

NightGuardLab is a subsidiary of ProActive Labs and a sister company of located in Atlanta, Georgia. They have their own onsite dental facility where they manufacture their dental guards. NightGuardLab uses latex free ethyl vinyl acetate to make their night guards to prevent any type of allergic reactions to latex. The CEO of NightGuardLab is John Berberian and you can call them at 1-877-509-4483.

NightGuardLab: Customer Feedback & Reviews

NightGuardLab has good customer feedback and testimonials on their website. I could find only one complaint, and that was the night guard did not fit properly. A few customer comments from the NightGuardLab website include:

  • I am very pleased with my night and day guards. They have alleviated headaches, sore teeth and jaws and will protect my teeth from further damage. I was a bit skeptical, thinking it was too good to be true that I could get mouth guards for this price. The customer service was exceptional both on the phone and thru email. Thank you for making such a great product at a reasonable cost.”
  • I got the retainer yesterday. It fits great- thank you for a good product at a fair price and quickly. Of more importance the retainer is great. I was using a heat and chomp one that often as not I took out during the night due to it being uncomfortable. The local price was between $400 and $600 which was out of the question. My wife thought I was wasting my money when I got yours but she has changed her tune now that I have it and it is working great."
NightGuardLab: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

NightGuardLab is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, but their parent company, Proactive Labs aka ProWhiteTeeth is an accredited member of the Atlanta, Athens and Northeast Georgia Better Business Bureau with an A rating. They have had 11 complaints during the last three years, mainly for delivery issues. They show no affiliations or organizations that belong to on their website. 

NightGuardLab: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

NightGuardLab has the following internet rankings.

  • shows NightGuardLab with a global traffic ranking of #4,239,721 with 23 sites linking in. They have 1.90 daily page views per visitor. does not have enough data for anymore site information.
  • Their Google Page Rank is 0 out of 10.
  • does not have enough traffic data for NightGuardLab.
NightGuardLab: Social Media Presence

You can follow NightGuardLab on their social media pages.

  • NightGuardLab has both Facebook and Twitter icons showing on their website, but those social media pages no longer exists.

Their parent company, does have the following social media pages.

  • They are on Facebook with 48 Likes, but they are not very active. The last activity is dated May 2013.
  • ProWhiteTeeth is on Twitter @ProWhtTeeth and again, it is not very active with the last tweet dated June 10, 2013. They are followed by 24 and have sent out 135 tweets.
  • They are also on Google+, which is not active either.
NightGuardLab: Website Security & Safety

NightGuardLab uses the following methods and software to ensure safe transactions at their checkout.

  • NightGuardLab uses the https secure internet connection at their checkout.
  • They have a Comodo Secure badge on their website, but clicking it only takes you back to the web page you were on.
  • According to the Google Safe Browsing Tool, they are not listed as a suspicious website. They have not hosted any malicious software during the last 90 days.
NightGuardLab: Pricing & Packages

NightGuardLab prices are lower than if you were to go to a local dentist and have them fitted and made for you. The following is a list of their nighttime dental guard prices and their daytime dental guards.

  • Hard acrylic night guard costs $129.99
  • Slimline hard acrylic day guard costs $109.99
  • Hard acrylic night guard and Slimline hard acrylic day guard costs $171.98.
  • Dual laminate night guard: $99.99
  • Slimline dual laminate day guard: $99.99
  • Dual laminate night guard and the Slimline dual laminate day guard: $123.98.
  • Soft night guard: $69.99
  • Slimline soft day guard: $69.99
  • Soft night guard and Slimline soft day guard: $129.99
NightGuardLab: Shipping Rates & Policies

NightGuardLab calculates the shipping rates at their checkout based on the customer's location. They offer the following shipping methods:

  • USPS First Class
  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Express

All kits mailed in the United States will include a self addressed stamped envelope for customers to return their dental impressions to their lab. NightGuardLab also accepts international customers. 

NightGuardLab: Payment Methods Accepted

NightGuardLab will accept the following credit cards for payment.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

NightGuardLab will accept payment by PayPal. Most companies will also accept payment by debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them. They do not mention accepting payment by check, money order or how international customers should pay. 

NightGuardLab: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

NightGuardLab has a 100% results satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of your NightGuardLab product, you can return it within 30 days of the receipt of the product for a full refund, minus shipping charges.

Refunds of unused kits must be requested within 30 days of the original purchase date. For more information, you can call them at 1-877-509-4483 or their office number at 1-877-409-4483.

NightGuardLab: Product images & screenshots
NightGuardLab Coupons
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